About Us

In the spring of 2011, a chartered surveyor with a passion for tailoring and design meandered through London's West End, on his way to a tenant meeting on Savile Row, the home of British bespoke tailoring.  The throng of suits passing by prompted the question: why in today's society do so few gentlemen wear a flower on their lapel, especially given that most suits have a buttonhole for this purpose?

In 2013, after much research, design and dedication, we finally completed our collection of finely crafted porcelain Boutonnieres.  Handmade in Italy by a family business of artisans, using Capidomonte porcelain, this fine yet surprisingly strong material allows for intricate detailing of each individual petal.  Each flower is then mated to a unique clasp, made to our registered design, the shape of which not only ensures a sound grip on the suit without piercing (and therefore potentially damaging the fabric), but also remains hidden beneath the flower itself when in situ and affords ample space for you, the owner, to add personalised engraving on the reverse of the clasp.

Our clasps, which are available in either polished stainless steel or 925 sterling silver, are handmade in Sheffield, England, by a company of cutlers with significant history in the City.  Final assembly of the flower and clasp takes place in London by us personally, to ensure each item is something we are proud to deliver to our customers.  Our bespoke presentation boxes are also made in Sheffield, England. As with the master tailors of Savile Row, London, who arguably create the finest suits in the world, wider British manufacturing is not only alive and well, but also impressive.  We are proud to support it.

We aim to inspire gentlemen to once again wear this individual flourish to complement a beautifully tailored suit or blazer and so bring forth a new age of subtle and stylish accessorising, where our Boutonniere is as much a consideration in a wardrobe as a silk handkerchief or pocket square, or indeed a tie. 

Whether formal or casual, the individuality of a Boutonniere will always have its place, something which our friend Matthew Miller, the American Illustrator known as Sunflowerman, has sought to capture in our specially commissioned Savile Row painting below.

Many thanks for your interest.