Our packaging company, first established in Sheffield, England in 1816....

Posted on July 23, 2013 by Chris Harrap

M M Bell & Sons are a luxury presentation packaging company in Sheffield, England, who have been operating since 1816.  That's a long time and they are very good at what they do.

When we were sourcing our packaging we had a clear vision of what we wanted - clean lines, crisp finish, simple, lets the product inside speak for itself, classy and solidly made.  Our Creative Director, Chris, liaised with M M Bell's designer, Angela Legdon, over the course of a few months, tweaking the design, looking at other high end brands with similar values, arriving finally at the solution we were happy with.  M M Bell make beautiful boxes for Mr Porter, Net-a-Porter and The White Company to name but a few, so when we toured the production lines and met the staff (it's a people intensive business, they care and do a great job), we were happy.

It is too easy these days to simply look for the cheapest of most cost effective option, traditionally by heading to Asia or India, but that's not our style.  We know our packaging is far more expensive than we could source it for, but that isn't important, because it's right, it's beautifully made and finished, plus we're delighted as ever to be supporting local industry and especially M M Bell as they approach their 200th year in business. 

Many thanks for all your help ladies and gents at M M Bell!






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