Chris Shaw, the Sheffield mark maker who carves our logos.....

Posted on July 23, 2013 by Chris Harrap

In a small workshop near the centre of Sheffield, South Yorkshire, a craftsman plys his trade.  Chris Shaw has been in the industry of mark making for many years now, as part of the family business.  He is a skilled mark maker, machining dies, stamps and marks of a wide variety of logos, for businesses all over the UK, in many different industries.  With cheaper overseas competition, Chris's business has inevitably downsized over the last two decades, as work slowed, despite his extremely reasonable prices and superior attention to detail.

Chris is not an email type of chap - he likes the design printed clearly on an A4 piece of paper.  He lays a clear perspex sheet over the print and traces the outline by hand, carving out a "female" impression of the logo in question.  His work requires care and attention.  Once the carving is finished, he makes a "male" mould from it, using black coloured epoxy resin, which leaves him with a working template for his machine, which is called a pantograph.

The pantograph is a clever piece of equipment, which follows the outline of the logo Chris has made with one arm, and reproduces this movement in much smaller scale with another arm beside it, carving the smaller version into a block of steel.  Some of the logos which Chris makes are so fine and intricate that they cannot be read by the naked eye.  Once the mark has been machined, Chris takes it to be heat treated, where it is hardened so that the mark is harder than the metal into which the logo is to be pressed.

Our clasps have three logos:

  1. The Boutonniere trademarked logo
  2. The "100 years" mark, celebrating 2013 being the centenary of the invention of stainless steel in Sheffield (on our 925 Sterling Silver clasps this is replaced with the silver hallmark applied by Sheffield's Assay Office)
  3. The Boutonniere flower logo on the rear of the clasp, representing a spiral rose shape.

All in all, Chris is yet another superbly skilled British craftsman.  We are proud that our marks are made by him, delighted with the results of his labour and would recommend him without hesitation.






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