The porcelain artisans from Vicenza, Italy who create our porcelain flowers...

Posted on July 23, 2013 by Chris Harrap

Each of our porcelain flowers are made to a bespoke design exclusively for Boutonniere, by a family business of artisans in Italy.  We have a particular love of camellias for both their beauty and simplicity, hence this flower was the first choice for us, but we decided also to create slightly smaller hand painted pink roses for those who prefer a dash of colour.  These enjoy popularity with lighter summer jackets, such as pale blue linen, but also contrast superbly with navy hues.  Each flower we commission is the result of extensive design and attention to detail with rigorous communication with the makers. 

The makers meticulously create each petal by hand, ensuring fine detailing including the surface variations, just like a real flower.  These are put together by hand to form intricate miniature flowers exactly as we intended, before being dried either naturally or in the drying room.  Items are then examined one by one before being laid out to be fired in the oven at 1300 degrees centigrade for 18 hours, a process that makes them shrink by around 20%.  Porcelain is a vitreous material hence each part melts into the other, creating a single piece of very hard porcelain with beautiful detailing.

Our porcelain flowers are far stronger than you would imagine and handling them is not a concern, but they are brittle if dropped onto a hard surface, so do please take care, as you would with your smartphone or a wine glass.




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