Sheffield's master cutlers - the epitome of skill and craftsmanship

Posted on July 23, 2013 by Chris Harrap

Sheffield, England, is synonymous with fabrications, cutlers and metals, in particular steel, being known as "the steel city" and the birthplace of stainless steel (albeit an accidental discovery!)

When we designed our clasp, we had a few priorities in mind:

  1. Being a personal item or gift, it needed to have space for engraving should a customer wish to personalise their Boutonniere
  2. The clasp should ideally not be seen from the front, with only the flower being visible on the lapel
  3. The clasp should in no way pierce or damage the fabric of the suit or jacket.

We approached various Cutlery specialists in Sheffield but settled on one business in particular where parts of the group can be traced back to 1750.  Working with them we developed our design over time, working through numerous different prototype stages to arrive at the final clasp, which is a registered design unique to us and protected as such.

We hope you like our clasps as much as we do.  They are created using high quality polished stainless steel, an incredible material which has changed so much of our lives over the last 100 years since its discovery and we are proud to mark each clasp with the "100 years" logo, celebrating the centenary of stainless steel's invention.  We also create a silver collection, made from 925 Sterling Silver.





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